The Core Four by Dana Colquitt

20 Apr


As the 2014 baseball season began, and I got emotional watching The Core Four reunited for the Yankees home opener, I realized that I loved baseball, and especially the Yankees, entirely too much. Watching Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada reuniting for Derek Jeter’s final home opener, it was the end of an incredible era.
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Legends – Raymond Lewis by Bryson Brown

20 Apr


Every city in America can claim individuals who had basketball skills that were so great they were put into a category that gave them legendary status. These individuals gave eyewitnesses to their exploits on basketball courts throughout America memories that would last forever. Many of these players would become famous and would reach the pinnacle of their basketball careers and many of these legends names would remain unknown to most of America, except for those who lived in their hometown. For every basketball player who had a successful college or pro basketball career, there are countless others who had the abilities and potential to achieve greatness at the highest level but for whatever reason or another just didn’t make it.
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Mike Jones Live The Second Edition:

10 Apr

Trayvon and Kobe

Unfortunately, there are a lot of God’s blessings out there in the form of gifts to his/her children. For instance one might refer to the gift of athletic ability with height as a great example at least in this current era of big-time basketball. After all, the combination can mean a 25 million dollar contract – now that’s capitalism for you! However, I have always felt that among these gifts to each of his/her children, there are probably a set of gifts e.g., a basic sense of fairness, love and logic that we have or should have which, in essence, serves to level that proverbial playing field. That sounds Godly to me!
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A-Rod: What Might Have Been by Raymond Bennett

5 Apr

ray_suit_tnAs baseball season comes upon us with the showers and the sun washing and melting away one of the coldest winters in our memory, we start to hope. We start to see that our days have more light. We turn to spring training and the hopes of a good season for our favorite baseball teams and players.
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